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Reported by Ben Watson

Proposal could affect driving privileges of those paying child support

A measure proposed Wednesday by a Shelby County Commission committee could have a big impact on the wallet of those that pay child support.

A commission committee passed a proposal to ask the state to make some changes to state laws.  Changes that allow a parent's driver's license revoked if they fall too far behind on paying child support.
Memphian Regina Moore said that she supported the new proposal.

"Because you know licenses are very important to people and sometimes its their lively hood they are people who have to drive and do certain kinds of jobs for that I think they should be noticed first," Moore said.

Commissioners described the new proposal as a revision to current laws that enable the state to revoke your license if you don't pay your child support for 90 days or if arrears go beyond $500 dollars.

The intent is not top be punitive but again you want the individuals to understand that this is real serious," commissioner Henri Brooks said.

Brooks chaired the committee that passed the new child support measure. She said it would not do away with current non payment penalties. However, it would require the state to consider what impact revoking a license would have on the parent's ability to continue working and paying child support.

"All were trying to do is say just add a another layer of due process for the individual we want maybe the court would find that the individual would be impeded from finding a job if you take away his or her drivers license," Brooks said.

Brooks said she hopes the measure would prevent a situation where a child does not get child support because their parent is unable to pay because that parent drivers license has been revoked.

Parents like Regina Moore hope that commissions new proposal is adopted by the state.

"It gives you an opportunity to at least know that you're about to have your license taken," Moore said.

Commissioner Brooks says the new child support proposal is expected to be voted on by the full commission Monday. If it passed, it would become part of a wish list legislators would submit to the state legislature later this year.

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