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Reported by Ben Watson

Committee proposes privilege tax for Shelby County residents

A committee of Shelby County Commissioners passed a measure on to the full council today that could cut into the salary if those who work in Shelby County.

It is called a privilege tax and is aimed at raising millions of dollars for public health and public safety. The proposal would require citizens to pay a tax if they worked in Shelby County and made more than $28 thousand dollars a year.

In proposing a privilege tax, county administration staffers said it would help erase Shelby County's debt.

"So with a tax base of 250-thousand jobs ah if you had a tax of say 6-dollars per month which would be 72-dollars per year we could raise somewhere around 18-million dollars," Dottie Jones of the Division of Community Services said.

Some committee members liked the idea. Others at the meeting said they would like to see a measure other than a privilege tax.

"Makes sure there are other options that we can review because I'm not for a privilege tax either at all. If I was going to vote on this resolution I would certainly vote no," commissioner James Harvey said.

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