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Reported by Blair Simmons

Local group happy new gun bill is in place

Elizabeth Jeffett helped start Citizens Against Crime after a violent rape near the Chickasaw Gardens neighborhood. The group was a big advocate of the Crooks With Guns Bill. A bill that provided stiffer sentences and harsher penalties for repeat and violent offenders. 

Jeffett said with the new laws in place, police have a fighting chance at keeping criminals off the streets. 

"We were told by law enforcement and leadership, the mayor, and city council that they needed laws with teeth in it. Meaning when they're arrested they could keep them incarcerated when they commit violent crimes and not have a revolving door of people being arrested and let right back out," Jeffett said. "I'd consider this a state of emergency. Almost like you'd send the National Guard in.  If you look at the number of people shot and murdered every day. We had to do something."

Jeffett said about 90 percent of violent crime is committed by the same repeat offenders. She said if the new laws can help keep these criminals behind bars, Memphis will be safer. 

The Crooks With Guns bill went into effect January 1st. 

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