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Reported by Blair Simmons

Busy road is accident waiting to happen, residents say

Cordova residents say a road in their town is an accident waiting to happen.

The posted speed on Cordova Road is 40 miles an hour, but it is common to see cars racing by at a much higher speed.

Neighbors like Brian Pilcher say there might as well be no speed limit at all.

"You'll see a car that looks like it's doing the speed limit, and another one passing it like it's sitting still," he said Thursday.

In the past three years, there have been at least three major wrecks, including two that were fatal. The third wreck was this past summer, when a girl slammed into a stone wall, breaking her leg.  She was pulled to safety just before her car exploded.

The wall was replaced, but you can still see the charred pavement remains as evidence of the near disaster. 

Neighbor Katherine Sammons wants speed bumps put in, or at least additional warning signs put up, but she's having a hard time getting anybody to listen to her.
"I've made a lot of calls to the city engineer," she said. "Actually, they've done nothing."   

Sammons wants something done before somebody else gets hurt, or worse.

"The worst part is people die on this road, and nothing is being done," she said.

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