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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Millington police cars might soon have new cameras

The Millington Police Department is waiting on the city to approve the purchase of 18-to-20 brand new state-of-the-art cameras inside their patrol cars.
The cameras are built inside the rear view mirrors. Officers will be able to playback the video anytime and watch it on their mirror which will double as a monitor. The digital cameras start recording when the officer turns on his or her lights.

However, the cameras are always recording 15 seconds prior to turning them on.

It works a lot like a DVR you may have inside your own home. It can even record a suspect sitting in the backseat without that person knowing it.

Inspector Charlie Coleman is excited about this new technology and thinks it will help in many different ways.

"When people file complaints or on our DUI's for evidence there won't be any he said she said...when it's on the tape it's on the tape.  There's no redoing it," Coleman said.

Coleman said they used to have cameras inside their patrol cars which recorded in VHS, but they always had problems with poor video and audio.

The new cameras have to be approved by the city council Monday night.

The cameras will cost the city around $100,000 dollars.

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