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Reported by Janice Broach

Cooper's deposition says Hyneman lied

Action News 5 obtained Joe Cooper's deposition in which he claims politically connected Memphis developer Rusty Hyneman lied when he said his name was forged on a lease for a luxury car for Memphis city council member Edmund Ford. Joe Cooper, who pleaded guilty to federal money laundering is also working, according to court documents, as an FBI informant in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. 

Rusty Hyneman claims someone forged his name on a GMAC lease agreement with Bud Davis Cadillac. The Cadillac  was leased in 2004 to city council member Edmund Ford's Mortuary.  The attorney who represents Bud Davis says Hyneman signed on the dotted line in person as a co-signer for Ford.

Cooper testified in the deposition that when Ford got behind on his payments for the car Hyneman started getting past due notices from GMAC.

Cooper says Hyneman told him it was going to hurt his credit and Cooper needed to make Ford start paying. Cooper also said GMAC would leave messages on Hyneman's answering machine telling him the payments were behind, indicating Hyneman had to know his name was on the lease.

Cooper alleges Hyneman did all of this to get favorable zoning deals from the council. Cooper also alleges in the deposition that he made private deals with people other than Ford alleging he had relationships with other city council members. 

Cooper said under oath swapping favors and deal making was just the way to do business in city and government.
Rusty Hyneman has not returned phone calls. Joe Cooper said he could not comment but he added he hopes everyone has a happy new year.

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