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Reported by Nick Kenney

Neighbors worry bad intersection could lead to more crashes

From his Mill Street porch, O.B. Puyear watched the aftermath of the latest accident on his street.

"Police car laying over, sitting over there against that pole. This car stopped in the middle of the street there," Puyear said.

At the intersection of Fourth and Mill, the green sedan slammed into the white police cruiser. Memphis Police said the officer was not seriously hurt. Police arrested Joseph Bogard, the driver of the green sedan. He was wanted on an outstanding warrant and he is also now accused of running a stop sign.

Neighbors say he's not the only one.

Tanja Mitchell showed up on scene to take pictures with her cell phone camera. Recently, she has been keeping track of car wrecks on her street. She has counted 11 so far.

"Just since September," Mitchell said.

That is when the signs on Mill Street changed.

For years a string of stop signs ran  from East to West along Mill. They were posted at each cross street.

Now Mill is wide open. The stop signs run from North to South. They are posted on each cross street.

So Mill flows freely. The side streets must stop.

A change some neighbors want changed again.

"What we want is stop signs on Mill also so everyone has to stop so there's not so much confusion," Mitchell said.

They are worried that confusion could turn deadly the next time.

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