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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Holt-Ware says Joe Cooper has his own problems

Memphis City Council Member Barbara Swearengen Holt-Ware says former lobbyist and car salesman Joe Cooper has his own problems.

In sworn testimony, Cooper painted a corrupt picture of some members of the past Memphis City Council. Saying he would build relationships with them to influence their votes on several zoning applications.

He testified, "the way it works down there, its...you go in privately and show them a case, and there's a handful of them that you can always count on, then you try to...got to try to convince a couple, three more to give you a majority of seven to win a case. That's the way it works."

He added, "in terms of people that we were close with would be Rickey Peete was an example, Barbara Swearenger Holt, E.C. Jones."

Swearengen Holt-Ware said Cooper is misconstruing friendships, but she did not want to comment further.

"I'm not responding to anything, any allegations. No," Holt-Ware said.

Former Councilman E.C. Jones called Cooper's comments off-the-wall.

Cooper described his relationship with council members as if he was a mentor for them.

Testifying, "so a lot of them sometimes I'm, like the father and they're the children."

This case came about when real estate developer Rusty Hyneman filed a lawsuit claiming someone forged his name to co-sign on a Cadillac Cooper sold to former Councilman Edmund Ford, Senior.

So far, Bud Davis Cadillac has not recovered the SUV.

No future court dates are set for this case.

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