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Reported by Jason Miles

Mid-South family finds silver lining amid storm damage

Paul and Rose Marie Hogue have weathered a lot during 53 years of marriage. But never a storm like the one that struck Tuesday. One that nearly leveled their home.
"Just looking at it and seeing it's not there anymore, you cannot imagine. You cannot imagine what it's like," Rose Marie Hogue said.

Most of their home's front wall is on the ground. Their living room now visible from the street.

The roof above every other room, completely blown away.

"Can you believe in all of this debris here that my precious wife and I didn't get a scratch?" Paul Hogue said.
The hogues sought shelter in a windowless interior closet. A closet that had it's ceiling blown off, too.

Mr. Hogue, a retired railroad man and preacher, credits the closet and his faith for their survival.

"I believe in God and in God's protective power and I experienced it today," Paul Hogue said.

Fortunately, none of his neighbors were injured either.

All left alive to try and rebuild what is left behind.

A community remaining positive in a very difficult time.

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