Chopper 5 surveys damage across Mid-South - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Ben Watson

Chopper 5 surveys damage across Mid-South

After the sun rose Wednesday morning, Chopper 5 toured the damage across the Mid-South.

From high above the damage, Chopper 5 pilot Mark Boudreau showed homes with missing roofs and a trail of debris that weaves through several communities.

In Halls, Tennessee, Chopper 5 traced the storms path from eastern Arkansas through West Tennessee.

From uprooted trees near Wilson,Arkansas to shattered homes in and around Halls, Tennessee, storm victims picked up the pieces.

"Scattered debris everywhere an poles and there is also a couple of utility trailers that got thrown over into a field here," Boudreau said.
At every stop you could see residents sifting through the rubble. Carrying away furniture, appliances, and anything else that wasn't broken by the violent weather system that blasted through the area. 

"You know it touched down went over a few houses and got sucked back up and exploded again here because its pretty substantial damage," Boudreau said.

Some homes were not touched. While in other neighborhoods homes, garages, and cars were scattered everywhere.

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