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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Hooks pleads guilty

Michael Hooks Jr. has plead guilty to criminal charges related to a Juvenile Court embezzlement scheme.

His attorney, Glenn Reid, stated that Hooks plead guilty to the count of "receiving money for work he didn't do."

Back in 2001 his father, Michael Hooks, Senior, was a Shelby County Commissioner. Federal Prosecutor, Tim DiScenza said in court that the Senior Hooks cut a deal with Shep Wilbun that he'd vote to appoint Wilbun Juvenile Court Clerk if Wilbun gave his son a job. But when that didn't work out for political reasons, DiScenza says instead of giving him a job Wilbun steered money Hooks Junior's way through Willis.

No charges have come of that allegation.

However, Hooks, Senior is serving two years and two months in prison for taking $24,000 dollars from undercover FBI agents while in office.

Hooks, Junior's attorney wants to make it clear his crime had nothing to do with his former position on the school board.

"He wants to put this behind and move forward with his life," Reid said.
Hooks was tight-lipped as left.

Sentencing is scheduled for April 9th.

Reid anticipates a sentence of 0-6 months.

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