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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Lightning strikes twice for one Mid-South woman

Brenda Powell was watching Action News 5 when the house rumbled.

"We were listening to the news and they were saying severe weather, severe lightning coming in and about that time it hit," Powell said.

The storm shot a lightning bolt right through her house.

My heart was racing.  I didn't know what was going on," Powell said.
The point of contact was just feet away.

"My ears were ringing, the sound was like a huge echo, the house was shaking," Powell said.

And when she turned around, her kitchen was sizzling.

"Everything in here was smoking.  All the appliances were smoking," Powell said.

Not only did the jolt knock this washing machine more than a foot from where it stood, the lightning also knocked a plank clear off the wall.

"The washing machine's gone, the dryer, the garbage disposal, everything on this side of the wall is gone," Powell said.

Firefighters later pointed her to the path of the bolt. it traveled down a pine tree, across the wrought iron fence, through the brick, and into the pantry where her laundry room is located.

The experience gave Powell a flashback.

"This is the second time I've been in a house that's gotten struck.  I was in one in Arlington that got struck," Powell said.

And after a second time, it has her thinking.

"I don't know if it's God telling me to clean up my act.  I better get on the job here (laugh)," Powell said.

Powell does have insurance, and adds she plans on wearing rubber boots from now on.

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