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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Residents want trashy mess cleaned up

The grounds are well kept inside the Wyndridge apartment complex.  But on the edge of the property is trashy eyesore.

Chris Olloway and other drivers have a plain view of this pile of junk as they travel down Ridgeway Road.  Neighbors are tired of looking at it.
"Because it looks bad on the neighborhood.  May bring the property value of the neighborhood down," Olloway said.

The heap of trash is made of up cement and bricks, old countertops, furniture, used PVC pipe, and other miscellaneous castaways.

An agent in the leasing office said the trash site is not on apartment property and they'd like to see it cleaned up too.

The president of the neighborhood watch group in the area called the city to complain.  The health department promised to send an inspector to check it out some time on Friday.

Chris Olloway does not care who the trash belongs to, he just wants it to go away.

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