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Reported by Lori Brown

Police take Orange Mound burglars into custody

Two burglars known as neighborhood nuisances were taken into custody Monday after a tense, hour-long struggle with police. 

The standoff happened in Orange Mound near the intersection of Deadrick and David.  There, according to investigators, the two burglars were caught breaking into a residence.

For about an hour Monday morning a dozen police cars and officers surrounded the home ordering two burglars to come out, warning them if they did not, a police dog would be coming in.

Upon arriving, the police saw one of the burglars coming out of a window. Officials said when he saw the officers. he went back inside.

Police eventually obtained a key to get into the house, and sent in a police dog.
"At that time there was a severe struggle and fight, suspect refused to comply, fought the officer and the officer's dog. He did receive dog bites," Lt. Robert Werling of the Memphis Police Department said.

Once officers got him out of the house, he told officers there was still another burglar inside. Officers found that suspect hiding in the chimney.

"He was wedged up in the chimney stuck," Werling said.

The Police Department says both of the burglars were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injures. Witness Andrea Young said it wasn't the first time that one of the men has gotten hurt during a burglary.

"He got shot trying to go into that man's shed," Young said. "That didn't do him no good, after he recuperated, he come right back come to the house next door trying to steal all of this woman's stuff out."

Investigators said the burglar's car, parked outside the house, had stolen items in it, ranging from metal to hot water heaters.

Once the burglars are released from the hospital, officials said, they will be charged with aggravated burglary.

Police said neither of the burglars were armed.

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