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Reported by Lori Brown

Victim recalls run-in with burglars

Deanna Vaughan said when she opened her bedroom door early Friday morning, three men were pointing guns at her and telling her not to scream and she would not be hurt.

She called 911 where she can be heard describing the men and telling the dispatcher that they still might be in the house.

The burglars asked her for cash, which she said she did not have a lot of. Vaughn did have her debit card, credit cards, and a laptop. The burglars took all of those.

She even offered them her car. However, they left that behind.

"He said give me your debit card and I was afraid he was going to shoot us and he had a temper.  He said what's your pin code and I was afraid to lie, incase he might leave and come back," Vaughan said.

Surveillance video of a man trying to use Vaughan's stolen debit card was captured at a convenience store in North Memphis.

He tried it three times but it was declined.

Police want you to get a good look at him because he is still on the run.

Officers did capture his partner in crime Sunday. He was wearing the same thing he was wearing during the armed robbery.

The Germantown Police Department says Vaughan was targeted.

She said she had been remodeling her home and a contractor apparently saw something he wanted and came back for it.

Experts said before having a contractor in your home, make sure he is licensed, bonded, and ensured.

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