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Dozens of Texas residents witness UFO

NBC NEWSCHANNEL - Dozens of Texas residents want to know what they recently saw in the skies above Stephenville.

Lee Roy Gaitan, a Erath County constable, said he noticed a strange light outside his home near Stephenville about an hour after sunset last Tuesday,

"I saw two red glows," Gaitan said. "They glowed, and then they kind of faded and glowed again. And I looked again. I thought, 'That's just not right.'"

When his 8-year-old son Ryan came outside, the red glow had turned bright white.

"It looked faster than a jet," Ryan Gaitan said.

Lee Roy Gaitan said he saw the lights move around in the sky.

"They were really, really bright," he said.

Gaitan and his son said the lights jetted across the sky.

"What was so astonishing was the speed that this thing took off," Gaitan said. "I mean, it took off so fast."

Dozens of others out in the area, including a pilot, a teacher and business owners, reported seeing the same thing.

The U.S. Air Force said it had no planes in the area that night.

"It wasn't an airplane," Gaitan said. "It wasn't a meteor, because it wouldn't have been bouncing around. It wasn't just one light."

He said the lights were like nothing on Earth.

"I had never seen anything like that -- never," Gaitan said.

A major at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth suggested the incident might have been an illusion caused by the sunset and commercial jetliners.

The phenomenon has attracted the attention of UFO buffs, who plan to descend on Stephenville on Saturday.

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