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Reported by Janice Broach

DeSoto County debit card scam goes global

Investigators in DeSoto County say a debit and credit card theft ring has gone global. Investigators warn against using your debit card in DeSoto County.

The debit credit card scam we've been telling you about for the past couple of months is growing. Investigators say it is a sinister plot with crooks in Russia and Florida preying on DeSoto County residents.

Investigators say the credit, debit card scam in DeSoto County is mind boggling and getting worse reaching all the way to Russia.

"I've never seen anything in my career like this before," says Commander Mark Blackson with DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.

DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Commander Mark Blackson says almost 200 people in DeSoto County have had their credit or debit card numbers stolen. They are being used to make purchases in St. Petersburg Russia and Florida.

Investigators say the thieves are buying in Florida and Russia. They're buying gasoline stealing tanker trucks similar to that filling them up with gasoline then taking that around and selling the gasoline to different individuals.

"They go out on the road and sell it for $1.50 a gallon," adds Blackson.

The thieves, investigators say, could have stolen the credit card numbers with a computer by hacking into different systems. Rick Harlow with the Secret Service says the Russian connection makes this case hard to solve.

"It's much more difficult to track and apprehend a criminal in those countries often times they're not living in countries we have treaties with or we don't have ready access to police or investigators," adds Harlow.

Investigators in DeSoto County say investigators in Florida are conducting a sting operation and arrests could happen at anytime. But it won't likely won't lead to whoever stole the numbers.

Commander Mark Blackson thinks it's someone in the DeSOto County area.

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