Five Ways to Help Fight Burglaries

Burglars hit more than 900 homes in Memphis in April alone. In fact burglaries occur at a pace of one every half-hour in Memphis.

Here are five ways to help fight burglaries:

Memphis police say the number one thing to do is have good locks and number two, have solid doors. This will help keep the bandits out. "Locks with at least a one and one quarter inch throw. Good doors. Metal doors. Good strong wooden doors, front and back." says Lt. Roderick Cunningham.

Number three-lights in both the front and back of your house. The bad guys avoid light, so police say flood lights will help keep crooks away. "Motion detectors and timers are good for when you're not at home. Even when you are at home your lights will automatically come on." Cunningham says.

Number four-insulated windows keep burglars on the outside looking in.

And number five-neighborhood watch is key to preventing burglaries. "If you have good neighbors calling saying this person is out of place. They don't belong here. The police can come by and check these individuals out." Lt. Cunningham says.

Police say most burglaries occur when people are at work, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.