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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Trashy Yard angering neighbors

Every time Lacey Green steps out of her house, she sees is forced to stare at the trash that fills her neighbors front yard.
"It is an eyesore.  I mean it's really pathetic," Green said.

Green says there are times when she sees the woman who lives in the house pouring out the trash.

"I saw her out last week in a nightgown and robe just dumping bags of clothes and everything in her yard. Just dumping it all out and walking back in. Getting another bag and dumping more out," Green said.

Bypassing the newspapers, cups, bottles, bags, and clothes, Action News 5's Nick Paranjape was not sure if the woman who lived here, Judy Delaney, would even answer the door.

However, she did.

"We just uh...trying to win our freedom from the government," Delaney said.

Delaney called it a "protest". 

On her garage door are things spray-painted like FBI.

"It sounds like I'm mentally ill, but I'm not.," Delaney said.

We did find out that Adult Protective Services is handling Ms. Delaney's case. A spokesperson said they cannot give out details because it's an active investigation. Adult Protective Services investigates abuse and neglect.

As for all the trash, Delaney said she has no plans to pick it up.

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