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Reported by Lori Brown

Listeners reach out to woman after hearing her story on the radio

A simple call to request a cheerful song on the radio turned into much more when D.J.'s Karson and Kennedy found out why Jennifer Oldenburg needed a song to cheer her up.

"My apartment, my brother and my dog," Oldenburg said.

Damage marks the spot from a grease fire that started in Oldenburg's kitchen Saturday. Her brother, Donald Bell, caught fire when he tried to put the fire out.
"When I picked it up it exploded on me, dropped it, and I caught on fire," Bell said.

Anthony Buchanan helped get the fire out and has wounds all over his arms from the flames. Even after the fire was out and Oldenburg's brother was out of the MED recovering from his burn wounds, the bad day was not over yet.

They found out later, their dog Little Bit got out during all the commotion. He was then hit by a car on Germantown Parkway.

"My daughter feels guilty because she didn't grab him up, everyone was freaking out about the fires blaming themselves," Oldenburg said.

After Oldenburg's phone call, the Q107.5 phone lines started ringing non-stop.

"Dozens, and dozens and dozens of phone calls." Karson said.
 One caller offered to foot the bill on them getting their hair done. Another offered a $100 gift card towards another dog.
"To see this level of altruism among our people made me really happy to live here," Kennedy said. 

There is a long list of people who called to help. From contractors to a woman who said she'd give Oldenburg a $200 gift card to Target.

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