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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Woman turns away help in picking up trashy yard

Cups, bottles, food, and clothes are scattered all over the yard. Neighbors said they have seen the woman who lives in the house dump the trash in her yard.

Ralph Bowling lives in the neighborhood and cannot stand the sight of trash in this elderly woman's front yard.

"It needs to be cleaned up," Bowling said.

So, Bowling brought along a friend and volunteered to pick up the trash.
"After seeing your article last night we just come over to help clean up," Bowling said.

Bowling and Kenneth Spencer were ready to work. Prepared with tools and garbage bags. But what they were not prepared for was the woman's response when she told them not to pick up the trash.

Surprised and confused, Bowling had no choice but to walk away and leave the trash in the woman's yard.
"She's got a reason she doesn't want it picked up, but she's got to understand that we have rights too.  This is not healthy," Bowling said.
"We were going to be a good neighbor and clean up.  Didn't know it was a protest going on," Spencer said.

When I interviewed the woman yesterday, she told me she's dumping the trash in protest of the government.

Adult Protective Services, which investigates neglect or abuse, has come by this woman's home.

The case is currently under review.

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