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Reported by Andrew Douglas

McCormick pushes for changes to committee meetings

New City Council chairman Scott McCormick said he would like to see more effective and efficient committee meetings and put more emphasis on the full council meeting. Some council members support the proposals while others are saying not so fast.

In a letter dated December 31st Memphis City Council chairman Scott McCormick wrote "Unless you are the sponsor of an ordinance or resolution before the committee, committee participation will be limited to committee members."

He said not only is it a time management issue but it puts more attention in front of the public's eyes and ears.

"The public is more focused on our council meetings than our committee meetings and I think we would be doing more of the public's business on our council meetings," McCormick said. 

Council chairman McCormick is asking all council members who want to weigh in on a committee they are not a part of to weigh in at 3:30 when the full council meets inside council chambers.

New council member Janis Fullilove and veteran councilman Joe Brown have written letters to McCormick asking to "rescind the decision to not allow council members to discuss items in committee."

"I mean just to go into a full council meeting without any knowledge of what's being discussed is absolutely ludicrous," Fullilove said. 
Other new members like Shea Flinn and Jim Strickland support McCormick's changes. McCormick insists its an open dialogue and he's willing to compromise.

Both sides in this debate have asked county attorney Allan Wade to weigh in on the issue.

McCormick said he is going by the councils' rules and Robert's rules of order on the change, but he expects the council as a whole to make the final decision on this issue.

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