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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Plans for what is to fill The Pyramid still uncertain

Bass Pro Shops has less than two weeks before it's letter of intent to take over the Pyramid expires.However, Action News 5 has learned they have plans to sign a fourth letter of intent while a local businessman is lobbying hard for his own proposal.

"Bass Pro will be signing another letter of intent before the 31st of this month.  In addition, the Ericson Group will be making a proposal before the City Council next Tuesday," councilman Myron Lowery said.

Memphis native, Greg Ericson, wants to turn the Pyramid into a theme park. Bass Pro wants to turn it into a superstore for outdoor retail.

The retailer has written three other letters of intent over the last two years, but still no store.

Now, Bass Pro Officials invited both the Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission to take a bus trip to their headquarters.

"I'm not really certain what could be accomplished by it, but I'm interested in the Pyramid issue," commissioner Steve Mulroy said.
Community Development Director Robert Lipscomb is leading the charge in favor of Bass Pro.

"I really don't think the political will is there for yet another extension," Mulroy said.
In fact, the January 29th bus trip is getting luke warm reception.

Only four out of 13 council members are going. Boyd, Brown, Lowery and Ware.

And six of 13 commissioners. Avery, Carpenter, Chism, Flinn, Ford is tentative and Mulroy are going.

Still, city and county officials want more details about how Ericson plans to fund his theme park plan.

Ericson said he'll have proof of funding during a meeting with council members and commissioners Tuesday.

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