Do-It-Yourself DNA Kit

The horrific events of September 11 made many realize they should do everything possible to protect against the unthinkable. Many people decided to start banking their family's DNA, in case of a catastrophe or an emergency.

Last February, investigators used DNA to identify the body of missing 7-year-old Danielle Van Dam. California police then used DNA evidence to charge the man suspected of abducting and killing the girl.

Helping to identify missing children and find crime suspects are just two of the reasons DNA banking is becoming popular. Other reasons include tracking family medical history, protecting your estate from fraudulent claims, even the military banks DNA, in case it's ever needed.

Several companies offer DNA banking. Here is a list of them.

DNA Dignostics Center

Gene Tree

The Seeker

GeneLink, Inc.

These companies charge a fee between $50-$200. But according to the Morgan Nick Foundation, police you don't have to spend a dime to create your own do-it-yourself DNA.

This do-it-yourself DNA kit is designed to provide information to law enforcement should your child ever become missing. In the event you should ever need to have the DNA developed, law enforcement will assist you with that process.


1 Heavy duty, zip lock freezer bag
1 Inexpensive plastic comb
3 guaze squares or Q-tips
1 baby tooth
Fingernail clippers

Run a cheap plastic comb through child's hair. Leave all loose hair in the comb and drop the comb and hair into the freezer bag. Use 1 guaze square or Q-tip and swab it inside the child's right cheek. Repeat this procedure swabbing the inside of the left cheek. Drop both swabs into the bag. Use the remaining guaze the next time your child skins their knee to preserve a sample of his/her blood. Place this into the bag also. Clip the child's fingernails and place the clippings into the bag. If your child has lost any baby teeth, place one of these into the bag as well. Label the bag with your child's name and place the entire kit into your freezer. The kit should stay well preserved for many years if it remains frozen.

For more information about DNA kits, please call the Morgan Nick Foundation toll free at 1-877-543-HOPE.