Senior Crime Stoppers

Senior Crime Stoppers helps protect loved ones and their things in nursing homes, retirement homes, and assisting living facilities. The program provides lock boxes for all 26 nursing homes in Shelby County. "This prevents the little things that have a tendency from getting up and walking away and disappearing." says Charles King with Senior Crime Stoppers.

Senior facilities participating in Senior Crime Stoppers program post a charter on the wall where everyone can see. "It gives residents peace of mind, but also the families of the residents know that when they walk in and see this charter in here that it stands for zero tolerance to crime." says Donna Derryberry with Senior Crime Stoppers.

By any standard, Senior Crime Stoppers is a spectacular success. Since all Shelby County nursing homes joined up in the year two thousand, crime incidents are down 87 percent. "Shelby County nursing home residents really and truly the safest residents of any group in the country because of this program." says Charles King.

The banks of Tennessee finance Senior Crime Stoppers and have a goal of enrolling every nursing home in the state.

Here's the Senior Crime Stoppers toll free number for cash rewards for anonymous tips that lead to arrests: 1-800-590-5850.