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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Man hit by wayward bullet

They've been married 21 years and Patricia Hall is grateful to still hold her husband's hand especially after what happened to him last Friday afternoon.

His episodes of dizziness, headaches and pain are so severe his wife would not let him talk with us.
He is lucky to be alive after a bullet pierced his skull, almost killing him. All you can see is the wound where it entered.

"He said he had a hard head and it paid off," Hall said.

All kidding aside, she said the incident was pretty scary.

"His eyes just like darting from side to side and he said something broke in my head something broke in my head something broke in my head," Hall said. 
Patricia Hall said she never heard a gunshot.

"I started screaming and hollering, crying, whatever and ran outside. I was going to get whoever did it," Hall said.
But no one was there. In fact, police say the shooter may not have aimed anywhere.

Investigators suspect it was a random bullet fired from James Road about a quarter mile away from the home.
"Out of all the places it could go, it went straight through the window and straight to my husband's head," Hall said.

Doctors said it would do more damage if they tried to get it out so Don Hall is trying to live his life with the bullet in his head. 
"The next 7 days are crucial that no infection sets up," Hall said.
The Halls are taking it one day at a time. Thankful to have that opportunity.

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