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Reported by Jason Miles

Family of carjacking victim speaks out

25 year-old Brandon Noe's college graduation gift was a Chevy HHR.  It was recovered not long after Noe was carjacked, kidnapped, and shot in the wee hours Wednesday.

"He was scared to death," said George Payne.

Payne is Noe's cousin.

"We're rattled," said Payne.  "The whole family's rattled," he added.

Brandon Noe remains in the hospital while an 18 year-old young man and two teen girls are in custody.  Who played which part in what sounds like a scary movie remains unknown.

"It's hard to relate to it until it happens to you or someone you know," said Payne.

Police say Brandon Noe was on his way home after closing up shop at the Lenny's Sub Shop where he works.  The car-jackers pulled in front of his car as he approached a stop sign near his home.  They forced him into the back seat of his own car and then drove into Memphis.  Police were soon on the scene near the airport where Brandon was robbed, shot in the back, and left for dead.

"He had crawled on his stomach approximately 75 yards where he saw a porch light," said Payne.

"It was certainly their intention, I feel, to kill him," says Southaven Police Chief Tom Long.

Southaven Police are working with Memphis and the feds to figure everything out.

"The vehicle we feel was used to block our victim's was a vehicle that was car-jacked earlier in the day," said Long.

That vehicle was was found right alongside Brandon Noe's Chevy.  He's a crime victim who may have been picked totally at random.

"It's very scary, it is," said cousin George Payne.

It is possible that at least one other suspect is still out there.  Police are waiting for Brandon Noe to get better so they can get a complete statement.  He is in stable condition.

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