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Reported by Blair Simmons

Owner of dog set on fire wants justice

When Antoine Draper sent his  two year old pit bull, MiMi, to live with his brother for a while, he said it was like parting with one of his kids.

"From a puppy I fed her with a bottle. From the time she was born," Draper said.

But just days before Christmas, he got a call that made him sick to his stomach.

"I was working, I got a phone call said somebody set my dog on fire. When I came down here my dog was on fire," Draper said.

Mimi was set on fire while she was giving birth to puppies. The dog was still burning when Draper got there and he said he knows who did it.

"I found out later on it was my brother's girlfriend who was mad and high. She sent her friend to get gasoline to kill my dog to hurt my brother. She thought it was my brother's dog. But it was actually my dog," Draper said.

In fact, the remains are still in the yard.

"It was sick! You gotta be real cruel. Messed up in the head...to set a dog on fire. Somebody who ain't did nothin' to you," Draper said.

But to make matters worse, nobody has been charged with the crime. 

Draper filed a police report. He said he even brought witnesses down to the station with him. But a month later, his brother's ex-girlfriend still hasn't been arrested.

"There are people tellin' y'all she did it. Why y'all ain't did nothin' about it? Y'all hung Mike Vick for doing it. He just fought a dog! This is somebody who's out here, poured gasoline on a dog and watched it burn," Draper said.

Draper says justice won't bring MiMi back. But her killer should be punished.

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