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Reported by Lori Brown

Authorities investigate new twist in Cordova home invasion

Victims of an alleged home invasion earlier this week in Cordova are now suspects in their own crime, officials said Saturday.

Robert Dodd was one of many people in the Cordova neighborhood who was shocked to hear about the twist in the home invasion that happened on Lida Cove early Thursday morning.
A Memphis police spokesperson said the home invasion started when two men knocked on the door of a house and said they were Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies.

The home's owner, Kendrick Brooks, was shot twice in the chest after the men barged in.

However, when police responded to the house, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana.  After a search warrant was issued, officer found marijuana, a large amount of money, and weapons inside the home.
Dodd was relieved to know the shooting was likely targeted.

"If it's targeted and not random, again, you don't want to say you feel better about it, but I do to be honest," he said.

Others in the neighborhood were still too concerned about the ordeal to talk to us on camera.

Kendrick Brooks, who is still recovering at The MED, has not been charged.  But his father, 56-year-old Tim Brooks has been charged, along with 25 year old Sheena Brooks, whose relationship to the father and son is unclear.

Felony assault investigators are still trying to figure out who shot the homeowner while posing as a Sheriff's Deputy.

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