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Jarvis Greer

Two Weeks on Top for Basketball Tigers

It's Two Weeks in a row, and counting, for the Memphis Tigers Basketball team to be a Unanimous Number One in the Nation.

Both the A.P. Writers, and the Coaches in the ESPN USA Today Polls continue to like what they see...

So does U of M Coach John Calipari.

Two weeks on top and the Memphis Tigers have never felt better.

Saturday's win over Gonzaga is the latest feather in their cap.

 Coach Cal is soaking it up!

"I'm loving this. My wife asked me the other day what I'm laughing about and it's just because I'm so happy. A lot of these guys have been here awhile and have worked really hard for this."

This group of Tigers have risen to every challenge they're faced this season...

A tough non-conference schedule with wins over Georgetown, Arizona, Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Gonzaga - CHECK.

Blowing out Conference USA opponents by 30 points - CHECK

Still undefeated, a perfect 19-0 - CHECK

Is there anything this team can't do?

  Here's Calipari

"Every team out there has issues. And the ones who deals with them best will win."

The question going forward is will the Tigers be at a disadvantage heading into the tournament? They have just one top ranked non-conference opponent left, while other teams will be facing stiff competition on a regular basis.

 Here's Coach Cals' response:

"Well, you just said it they're beating each other up and they're getting hurt. What happens when you go on a losing streak. That doesn't help you. You need to build confidence."

Next up a trip to Houston Wednesday, where the Cougars will feel the wrath of the biggest cat out there...the Memphis Tigers.

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