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Florida primary voters head to the polls

John McCain, Mitt Romney John McCain, Mitt Romney

(NBC News Channel) - For candidates making a last push across Florida the pace was fast and the tone furious.

Frontrunners Mitt Romney and John McCain are not holding back on the last minute mudslinging.

The two are locked in a statistical dead heat in an all-or-nothing state that will send the winner to Super Tuesday with momentum, and could send at least one of the losers home.

For Rudy Giuliani, who staked his campaign on a win here, the future after the sunshine state may not be bright.

This morning he said the polls may once again be proven wrong, and with more than a million people already participating in early voting, the races may indeed be hard to predict.

For Republicans there are 57 delegates at stake here, but more importantly may be that momentum going into Super Tuesday when more than 20 states have delegates up for grabs.

The Democratic race here is a bit of a beauty contest. 

The national party stripped the state of delegates after Florida moved its primary date up.

Democrats haven't campaigned here, but Hillary Clinton will come after polls close tonight, hoping to declare victory

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is still celebrating his big endorsement by the Kennedys, hoping the backing of the political dynasty turns him into the Democratic frontrunner.

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