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Jarvis Greer

President Bush Likes Tigers #1

The Number One Memphis Tigers are getting support from America's Number One Politician..

It seems President Bush is aware of what the Tigers are doing this year..

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen spoke to the President after his State of the Union Address on Capitol Hill Monday night..and it wasn't about the Budget.

Cohen says:

"Tonight on the floor I had my Memphis hat on and we're number one in the country. I gave it to the president to sign. He signed it here and as soon as he saw it he said they got a good team. I said we sure do. And we talked a little bit about the team and how deep they are and how fast they are. I told him we play Houston Wednesday night and he gave me a look like 'Houston?.' I said well they can shoot threes and they can give us a game. He said 'nah'. That was pretty much it."

The Tigers play at Houston Wednesday night...

I wonder if the Pres. Will be watching?

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