Alert neighbor uncovers meth lab - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Andrew Douglas

Alert neighbor uncovers meth lab

An alert neighbor smelling a foul chemical odor called in the first meth lab uncovered in Memphis this year.

A working meth lab is highly toxic and can explode. What made this find even more disturbing is it's location. It is less than one thousand feet from Leawood Baptist Church.

Police arrested two people discovered inside the home at 3625 Rockwood Avenue near Homer Street.

Officers said it is unusual to have an active and working meth lab in a neighborhood like this.

"You don't usually find a cook location especially in a neighborhood a lot of them are done out in the woods or some place like that," Major Randal O'Byrnes of the Memphis Police Department said.
The cleanup of the house is expected to be extensive and expensive.

The people found in the home are in police custody tonight. Their charges are expected to be more severe because they are within one thousand feet of a school.

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