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Reported by Janice Broach

Reward increased in case of Lt. Ed Vidulich

Memphis police director Larry Godwin stood with his command staff behind him and announced a $27,000 dollar reward in the death of Lt. Ed Vidulich. The money comes from business donations and private individuals including Vidulich's family.

Police have interviewed a lot of people trying to get information. 

"They're not suspects at this point. We've interviewed a lot of people trying to get little bits of pieces of information and trying to put it together and throw out what we want and don't want. And see if it leads us somewhere," Godwin said.

Police said they are narrowing their investigation, but at this point have no suspects.

Director Godwin said it is not clear yet if Lt. Vidulich knew his attacker.

He was shot to death Sunday night. His car was discovered burned out in a drive way not far from his Frayser home.

Investigators know Vidulich left a Frayser bar around 9 or 9:30 Sunday night but they don't what happened after that.

They don't know who drove off in his car.

Godwin and another officer plan to fly to New Jersey for Vidulich's burial.

"It is an honor for me to ride on the plane with my good friend Ed and be the color guard," Godwin said.

Director Godwin went through training with Vidulich when he joined the force almost 30 years ago.

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