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Reported by Janice Broach

Police seek help in search for killer of Ed Vidulich

Mary Norman manages the Roadhouse Bar in Frayser It is the place Lt. Ed Vidulich was last seen Sunday night before he was murdered.

It was a place he frequented. He and his wife attended the wedding reception for Norman's daughter. If anyone would know about someone who might want to hurt Vidulich it would be people here.

"We're all trying to put clues together ourself to see if we can figure out may have happened," Norman said.

Memphis police are hoping now that there is a reward of almost $30,000 it will prompt someone to come forward with information that will lead to Vidulich's killer.

"We need the community's help. We are still seeking assistance to help to lead to the person or persons responsible for this crime. We need their assistance," police director Larry Godwin said.

Lt. Vidulich was discovered shot to death in his Frayser home. His burned out SUV was found a few blocks away in a driveway.

Investigators believe the car could be key to finding the killer.

Police want to know if anyone saw the car in the area near the bar and Vidiluch's house.

"We need any information we can get about it We've had some calls thanks to your help last night but we need more," Joe Scott of the Memphis police department said.

Mary Norman said no one has come into the bar saying they saw the car, which surprises her.

People close to the investigation said it looks like Lt. Vidulich may have known his assailant.

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