Mixed bag of weather falls across the Mid-South - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Nick Kenney

Mixed bag of weather falls across the Mid-South

In Carrouthersville. In Hayti. Across Pemiscott County. And at the Missouri-Arkansas state line, the weather is not for the warm at heart.

But 200 miles South of Saint Louis, cold gray skies dropped ice, sleet, and some snow. A threefold mixture sticking to the ground after the early phases of a winter storm warning.

Further south, the streets were not mushy. They were wet after cold gray skies dropped only rain.

Still highway crews are ready for action, poised to hit the road should the weather turn.

"We're going about our normal routine, but we have our materials stockpiled, our equipment ready to go," Ray Woodruff said.

And while road crews will react if necessary, Nancy Collins is already on her way. Pumping gas as fast as she can to get on the road back home to warmer weather.

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