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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Whalum seeks answers for CNC questions

The Memphis City Schools Central Nutrition Center The Memphis City Schools Central Nutrition Center

Memphis City Schools Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum, Junior thinks something doesn't add up.

"To arrive at a finding that says your behavior is cause for termination, immediate termination, and then you don't terminate," Whalum said.

He is talking about Memphis City Schools employee Sheila Brown.  She was the project specialist for the school's Central Nutrition Center when an internal audit revealed mismanagement of tax dollars.

Auditors uncovered proof that taxpayers paid for her college graduation party last May.

Brown signed the catering invoice, a total bill of more than $3,000.

"This is ridiculous, man. This is ridiculous," Whalum said Thursday.

Auditors also found Brown charged the school system more than $1,800 in mileage to deliver items to different sites.

But the sites were already covered under the school's delivery route budget.

"I might be ready to call Governor Bredesen myself and say 'hey man, it's time.  Come on.  If you've got the resources, come on and run this school system," Whalum said.

Commissioner Whalum criticized interim Superintendent Dan Ward, saying the school board must move swiftly to find a permanent replacement.

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