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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Outraged citizens demand justice for killer of dog

It's an unthinkable act.

Someone doused Mimi the pitt-bull with gasoline and set her on fire while she was giving birth.

The puppies died too.

Shea Flinn is one of several Memphis City Council members now getting bombarded with emails from people who want justice for the dog and her litter.

The police department, county commissioners, and the Memphis mayor's office are all getting the same call.

A petition is now on the internet calling for the prosecution of Mimi's killer.

It called for 2,500 signatures and got more than double that amount.

"This has really struck a nerve and it has gone worldwide," Flinn said.

Mimi's owner has been flooded with phone calls.

He said he told police who did it.

He says it was his brother's ex-girlfriend who was upset he left her.

But police need more information to make an arrest. Someone who actually saw the suspect burn the dog or if the suspect confessed to someone about burning the dogs.

Flinn fears whoever did this could be a public threat.

"There's a reason why psychologists look at harmed animals as one of the early precursors to true sociopathic tendencies and I trust that the police department is working with all diligent speed on getting a resolution on this," Flinn said.

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