Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker Rules and Information

Three-Card Poker is a fast-moving game that offers players four ways to win. To begin, both the players and the dealer are each dealt a three-card poker hand. Players bet ante to play against the dealer. However, the dealer only plays with a Queen high or better hand. A Pairplus bet can be made to play the hand value. Or, both an ante and a Pairplus bet can be made to play the dealer and the hand value. Pairplus hands do not play against the dealer. Straights, three of a kind and straight flushes receive a bonus payout.

21+3 Rules and Information

21 + 3 is a combination of "21" or Blackjack and 3-Card Poker. Players place a 3-Card Poker bet along with a 21 bet (may equal the 21 bet) and are dealt two cards, which combine with the dealer's face-up card to make a 3-Card poker hand. Winning hands, which pay 9 to 1, include a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, and straight flush. (Note that a 3-2-Ace hand wins.)