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Reported by Jason Miles

School shooting heightens fears of MCS parents

"My son is a honor roll student," said parent Tony Wright during Monday night's school board meeting.

But Wright gives Memphis City Schools an "F."

"I think that the system is failing us as parents as it concerns the safety of our children," Wright added.

A shooting inside Hamilton High School Monday morning heightened concerns yet again.  This time, shots rang out during an argument between two 10th graders over a rap song.  16 year-old Jerome Love was sent to the hospital with a bullet in his leg.

"The incident today was awful," said Interim Superintendent Dan Ward during a news conference before the full board meeting.

"We're just very disappointed and very hurt," said Ward.

Administrators reacted to the criticism of many parents.

"We're not here necessarily to take a vote from parents," said Ward.  "What we're doing is we're trying to take into account their ideas about what should happen," he added.

However, many are not sold on the suggestions of a new study.  They include more metal detectors, officers, and even the school district's very own police force.

"You're talking $23 million added to the budget and I think that's for an illusion of protection," said board member Dr. Jeff Warren.

"Parents have to do their part as well," said board member Stephanie Gatewood.  "We can only do so much as a district," she added.

"I demand that my son be in a safe environment," Tony Wright said as he wrapped up his statement.

The possibility of more violence continues to test the patience of many parents like him.

A school board committee will look later this week at the security study recently conducted by the district.  A final plan could be in place by the end of the month.

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