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Jarvis Greer

Eli Manning on top of NFL World

It sure is good to be a Manning these days...

Eli Manning just cemented the family legacy among the Pantheon of Great NFL Quarterbacks after being named the MVP of Super Bowl 42.

Yes, Eli is going to Disneyworld, just like his brother, Peyton, did last season as Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl 41 with the Indianapolis Colts...

Long in the shadow of his older sibling, Eli is growing up as a clutch player in his own right, right before our eyes.

The former Ole Miss Stars' spectacular play in the 4th quarter on pro footballs' biggest stage propelled the Giants to an improbable victory over the Heavily favored Patriots...and Eli to Favorite Son Status..

  Says Eli, he wants to credit others for helping the team win, including that great scrambling 4th quarter pass and catch that helped with the game for the Giants.

 "I went home to watch David Tyree's catch afterward because I saw some of it on the field but not really. And people have been asking me, how did you get out of there? I don't know, they just never pulled me down."

No matter what Eli Does the rest of his Life, he will always be a Super Bowl MVP..

But, he's still Peytons' little brother...and that's O.K.



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