Travel Web Sites

It's almost vacation time, and the internet will be crawling with people looking to put their dream vacation together for a reasonable price.

The competition for on-line travel business is heating up. The airlines, car rental places have their own web sites. Plus, travel portals like,,, and are offering more features, like travel alerts, better deals, travel packages for the romantics, more information to draw people to their site. "We have to be a friend of the traveler, someone who can help them get through the process, from dreaming, shopping to buying, to actually taking the trip. We have to be helping them with information, with as much destination information as we possible can." says Al Comeax with

Messaging is another service popping up on sites. These are messages to your pager, cell phone, or the phone of someone picking you up at the airport that your flight has been rescheduled or is late.