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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Southaven begins clean up following storms

The tornado in Southaven lasted only seconds, but left behind millions of dollars worth of damage.

Wednesday, a major section of Stateline Road in Southaven remained shut down.

Southaven Police Chief Tom Long gave a first-hand look at the damage caused by a tornado along Stateline Road off I-55.

"Dropped down right behind Walgreens, came over that area, set back down, damaged Walgreens and the Exxon," Long said.

The Pro-Alliance Warehouse was totally ruined. Tractor-trailers were flipped over, the roof was missing, and people were jumping out of the building

It is hard to imagine that anyone survived the storm in the warehouses in this area, especially when you see the aftermath.

Firefighters spent Wednesday going through the buildings making sure they were structurally safe.

Now, the clean-up effort is underway.

Chief Long said this one mile stretch of Stateline Road is shut down until the area is deemed safe for the public.

"Entergy will be working here and it's estimated it'll be at least after midnight when we can restore some power to this area," Long said.

There was also damage in some residential areas of Southaven. Including a family who moved to Southaven after they lost their house during Hurricane Katrina.

Now, they are recovering after their house was hit by a tornado.

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