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Reported by Janice Broach

New day shows extent of damage to Union University

The light of day made it clear just how devastating the tornado was that hit in Jackson at Union University.  But the video taken minutes after the storm hit is equally shocking. 

In the video, taken right after the storm hit Union University by our partner station in Jackson, you can hear alarms going off all over the campus. 

Students who had just crawled out from under the debris searched for survivors.

"Right after it happened a bunch of the guys went over to Hurt to help the girls. We had to tie t-shirts and all around our hands and break out windows to get the girls out of the rooms," student Garnett Montague said.

A day after the twister hit, the University's president still cannot believe what happened.

"You could hear it coming. It sounded like a train. It did. Sirens were going off. Just like that you could see it hopping over the bypass. On the other side of the campus. Then we came out here to see what had happened total devastation," president David Dockery said.

In the light of day students got a better look at the damage. Buildings collapsed, walls down with clothes still hanging in the closet, and cars and trucks thrown around like toys. Some of them in buildings. Others stopped by trees.

President David Dockery says a few students who were trapped for a couple of hours are still in the hospital. Two in critical condition.

A team from the national weather service surveyed the damage from what they have determined was an EF 4 tornado with 170 mile per hour winds. Almost $50 million in damage done at Union University. But amazingly, not killing anyone.

The campus here is secure. Law enforcement is present and so is the National Guard. 

Classes are scheduled to resume in two weeks.

There are a few buildings that did not have major damage.

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