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Reported by Jason Miles

Hamilton High shooting victim speaks about school security

There was another meeting Thursday night over the use of metal detectors in Memphis City Schools.  There was also more debate.

"Eventually,we should have X-ray machines in all of our schools," said MCS Commissioner Patrice Robinson.

Some are sold on the idea of weekly, if not daily, metal detector use.  Others disagree.

"I'm not sure we're doing anything to necessarily make it safer," said Dr. Jeff Warren.

Try telling that to 10th grader Jerome Love.  The 16 year-old was shot this week at Hamilton High School.  A fellow 10th grader is charged with firing the gun during a fight over a rap song.
"It got out of hand," said Love during an exclusive interview with Action News 5's Jason Miles.
Love is now back at home looking at a weeks-long recovery.

"I didn't know I was shot 'til I looked down and seen blood on my leg," said Love.

He wishes the school was using metal detectors the day he was shot.

"They probably could have avoided when I got shot if they had metal detectors," said Love.

Daily use would not bother him at all.

"No, I wouldn't mind cause I don't keep weapons," said Love.

Some are not convinced detectors always turn up the weapons they are meant to detect.

"What they tend to pick up is they pick up cell phones and they pick up i-pods," said Commissioner Warren.

Board members will pick-up this debate at their next meeting.

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