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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Man with crushed pelvis recalls storm


MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Thomas Hannon considers himself lucky, even though his injuries are extensive: a crushed pelvis, a ruptured bladder, and nerve damage.

Hannon's groin area suffered the most.

"They had to make an incision into my stomach, basically, so I can pee out of a tube in my stomach," he said.

Refusing to let his spirits drop, Hannon insists he cheated death Tuesday night. When the storm struck, he was working for a trucking company, making a pickup at DSC Logistics in Memphis.  Suddenly, the noticed lightning out of his cab.

"I realize it's not lightening, it's power lines that are being broken as the tornado blows by," he said.    
Hannon ran into the DSC warehouse to take cover. Inside that same warehouse, it was later discovered, three people were crushed to death in a collapse.

"The doorway finally gave way and all the weight come down on my hips and literally crushed me together," Hannon said.

He was buried below tons of rubble, in excruciating pain. After about an hour, he felt a rescuer on top of him.

Hannon's road to recovery is expected to be a long and challenging one, but he is grateful to be alive, and thankful to tell his story survival.  

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