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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Fullilove speaks out against term limits

A tearful Janis Fullilove spoke out at Thursday's charter commission against term limits for the city mayor and city council.

"It hurts my heart because I love my city so much," Fullilove said.

Minutes before she began crying she was hot under the collar. Speaking out against term limits.

"It has nothing to do with elected officials. It has all to do with Mayor Herenton," Fullilove said.   

Fullilove insisted the talk of changing the charter was not only about the mayor but his race too.

"Because of black leadership too many black people are in leadership and they want to take back control of this city," Fullilove said.

She seemed quick to quote a controversial figure to give context.

"As Malcolm X said at one point in time we shouldn't try to finagle our individuals," Fullilove said.
She even evoked scripture.

"Jesus was at the cross and said forgive them father they know not what they do and I know individuals that brought about this entire change of charter they know not what they do," Fullilove said.

Term Limits passed the charter commission 5-2, meaning Memphians will vote on term limits for the mayor and city council members later this year.

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