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Reported by Janice Broach

Union University student recalls rescue

Union University student Kevin Furniss from Memphis lies in his hospital bed remembering Tuesday night when a tornado buried him and six of his friends 25 feet deep under a ton of rubble.

"I just know everything in a split second could feel the wind feel my ears popping then everything on top of us," Furniss said.

Trapped for 5 hours...

"The first hour was a lot of panicking and screaming people had phones called 911..just wanted them to find us," Furniss said.

Furniss says by the third hour it was brutal.

"All of us were being crushed at that point..we wanted out and out in a hurry,"Furniss said.

By the fourth hour, Furniss could hear rescue workers.

"You could hear the chainsaws and them hitting the cement. You could hear the cracking," Furniss said.

Then his hand felt air through a hole.

"Someone outside reached out and grabbed my hand. It felt like life had been given back to me," Furniss said.

Kevin Furniss was trapped with soccer player David Wilson.

"I got a text  that said it just hit us," father Mark Wilson said.

Mark Wilson called his son.

"He answered the phone. He said, Dad we're trapped. I've got to call 911 and his phone quit," Wilson said.

Wilson's family jumped in their car and started driving from Chattanooga to Jackson.

"We were scared to death," his father said.

Then just after 10, another phone call.

"I said that's David popped it open. He said hey I'm coming out they're taking us to the hospital and his phone quit," Mark Wilson said.

They talked to a nurse at the Jackson Madison County General Hospital, who said their son was on a ventilator.

"I thought they're keeping him alive so you can get here and say goodbye," Wilson said.

But their son did not die.

When they saw him he was on the ventilator.

He wanted to know how the other trapped students were.

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