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Reported by Jason Miles

School Insecurity: Memphis City Schools, Part 2

Memphis City School Board Commissioner Stephanie Gatewood is a parent, too.  She was shocked by the undercover video Action News 5 obtained inside Memphis schools.

"Look at this," she said.  "It's very troubling."

During a hidden camera investigation, an Action News 5 staff member was able to roam the hallways at four different Memphis City Schools - no questions asked.  The school represented half of the total number of schools that were randomly chosen during the investigation.

Two school district officials, Security Chief Sam Moses and Assistant Superintendant Willie Rhodes watched the video for this story.  In the video, the Action News 5 staff member obtains access to Idlewild Elementary by pressing a buzzer outside the school.  ONce inside, no employee asked her anything.  She walked down hallways while several children were within arm's length.

Moses said the video proves employees need to be on alert at all times.

"Sometimes there are changes.  New employees come in, so what we'd like to do is go back and make sure they know what the procedures are, and what needs to be done," Moses said.

In the past, Rhodes has conducted similar investigations to measure how well the district's security plan is working.

"We're still in the people business and we have all the mechanical aspects in place," Rhodes said. "We still have to have that human part."

Gatewood said the video provided a reminder that school safety should be a constant concern.

Memphis City Schools is considering employing its own police force, as well as hiring additional personnel to beef up security on campus.  After the Action News 5 investigation, employees were reminded of the procedures in place to stop visitors, good or bad, from having unobstructed access.

Tuesday during Action News 5 at 6pm and 10pm, find out what happened when our hidden camera investigation moved to Shelby County Schools.

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