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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Parent Link alerts parents to school shooting at Mitchell

Police swarmed Mitchell High School after a student was shot in a packed cafeteria.

Parents stood outside the school and worried.

"I just dropped my children off and then a half hour later they're telling me a child got shot," parent Malinda Smith said.

For many parents, their first line of communication was Parent link.

"Parent Link is our auto-call notification system that enables the district to inform parents immediately through phone calls, essentially," spokesperson Rita Cooper said.

As soon as the school went on lock down, Memphis City Schools sent out the phone alert that a student had been shot at Mitchell High.

"That the child was in critical condition at the MED and they could contact the child's school for more information and that it involved two children," Cooper said.

But Parent Link can only work if parents do their part.

"If a parent moves. And they don't inform the school of their new phone number, that number will bounce back and that parent will not receive the information," Cooper said.

The school system is making a plea to all parents.
"If they haven't updated their phone numbers, to please call their school today to ensure that they have an updated phone number," Cooper said.

Parent Link will call your home, work and cell phone numbers all at the same time.

They can add as many numbers as you need.

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